Kolla Technologies

Here to help the little guy

Why Kolla Tech?

For the "I'm not a techie person"

Our focus is to help the people of Saskatoon (and the surrounding area) use technology, regardless of age or knowledge level. We want to make life easier, empower people and help folks be able to use technology without anxiety or stress.

These are our goals. Let us know how we can help you get there.


Want to backup your photos? WiFi terrible in your home?

Want someone to guide you through that one thing? Have a large house and needing better WiFi throughout? Need a person to set you up to be safe online? Or is your computer running slowly and need someone to fix it?

We would be happy to help. Drop us a line.

Small Business

Let us make technology work for you.

Starting a business and need help with what software to use and how to use it? Need a simple website but don't want to spend an arm and/or leg? Want to streamline how to juggle your computer, cell phone, tablet and web based services?

We will help you figure out your needs and how best to tackle them, to make technology work for you. All you have to do is ask.

We Focus on FOSS

Free and Open Source Software

Most other IT folks out there focus on large and entrenched but expensive software. Those software companies do not care about the freedoms of its users, just more dollars and cents. What's worse, the software is often bloated, has security issues and provide terrible experiences.

Many people do not realize there are alternatives. Contact us and we will give you those cheaper options and help you use them to their fullest.